Applicake's co-founder and CEO. Takes care of sales, clients, team and project management. Bound heart and soul to Applicake. Puts a lot of energy into company culture, firmly believing that who you work with is actually what makes you roll. Being a Rails developer herself, she heartily encourages ladies to enter the IT world. If not an entrepreneur, she would most probably become the best skier in the world - she just decided to give that chance to others ;) In her free time, she specializes in activities like organizing surprise birthday parties and breaking iPhones.

github: @agatkamazur

twitter: @agatkamazur



Ela is the co-founder of Applicake. She keeps herself busy, laughs a lot, loves velocity and the performing arts, dances, snowboards and free-skis. Ela likes people, airplanes, numbers and movies that tell simple stories. She is ambitious, stubborn as hell and extremely analytical. She was born with a great business and marketing intuition and loooves building things. Most of all, she has huge respect for those who make their own rules and dare to follow their dreams.

twitter: @elamadej



The CTO. Ensures a smooth development process and world-class quality of the delivered software. Agile and OOP are his usual tools of choice, but he stays open and looks for new ideas all the time. Also responsible for recruiting the best technical people out there. When not in the office, can be found on football fields, at sea, or in the mountains doing a wide variety of sports.

github: @mariuszlusiak

twitter: @mariuszlusiak



Marketing Manager at Applicake and Event Producer of Mobile Mobile Conf and Railsberry 2013. She likes things to be neatly organized and her Moleskine notebook is her fetish. Loves typography, minimalist design, créme de marrons, electronic music and dots. A big fan of Wes Anderson's movies and TEDTalks. Practices yoga and dreams about trips to Asia in the search of zen. Talks to her cat sometimes but doesn’t find it weird at all. Famous for her funny sneeze.

twitter: @dorotaskop



Official biographers claim that his birth was foretold by a swallow and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow over the Baekdu Mountain and a new star in the heavens. In his earth life, he's an Android developer at Applicake and Mobile Mobile Conf Co-Organizer. His third biggest passion (after his wife and Android) is exploring the world. He divides his spare time between snowboarding, running, reading and playing Starcraft. His favorite book is number9dream by David Mitchell, favorite movie is Blade Runner and favorite tune is Roy Castle by µ-Ziq.

github: @bartoszfilipowicz

twitter: @bartekfi



Ruby on Rails hipster developer. Nice guy. Graduated with Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Jagiellonian University. Loves good design, art and all beautiful things! Deeply in love with music. Explores almost every genre, goes to concerts a lot and plays guitar in his band 'pAMBUK'. Highly interested in the world of IT, tries to always be up-to-date on geek stuff; obviously can't imagine living without the Internet :)

github: @domininik

twitter: @domininik



Geek girl, WebMuse, experienced web developer and Ruby on Rails expert. Loves friendly unicorns, rainbows, small cute animals, pictures of small cute animals and almost everything that is Internet-related. Addicted to coffee, yoga and JavaScript. Big TED enthusiast, spends her free time working on TEDxKraków website or reading (a lot). Bonbon jujubes cotton candy marzipan sweet oat cake love applicake. Toffee sweet chocolate bar macaroon halvah gummi bears jelly beans...*

github: @basiam

twitter: @basiamadej



Passionate developer who likes doing things the right way. Used to be a graphic designer, currently coding in Ruby, JavaScript or CoffeeScript. Approaches both backend and frontend problems with excitement (and with a sprinkle of tests). GitHubber and amateur blogger, likes picking up new activities. Currently interested in Haskell, HTML5 goodies and cross-country skiing. Long-time fan of trekking, he plays the clarinet and adores Terry Pratchett's books.

github: @nbartlomiej

twitter: @nbartlomiej



Office Manager & Administrator. Likes swings, learning new things, ginger and being helpful. Famous for her passion for sorting things into alphabetical order and always remembering (and telling us about) her strange dreams. Finds completing documents quite adventurous and dreams deeply about sailing around the world. Strongly believes that people should be passionate in everything they do, no matter if it’s about invoices, rescuing cats, cooking or climbing the highest mountains. Finds morning jogging & coffee the best start to the day.

twitter: @izamorska



After leaving the corporate universe and developing a few computer games (like Motorstorm or Saints Row 2) for the PS3, XBOX and PC, Michał entered the Ruby World. Today, he makes delicious software at Applicake, manages projects and trains fellow programmers during Code Retreats. He also makes sure you will be amazed by the quality of talks during Railsberry. Michał enjoys pushing people out of their comfort zones and into new rewarding experiences. He can also talk for hours about how seemingly unrelated skills (such as running, dancing, hand balancing or juggling) can help you become a better programmer.

github: @mehowte

twitter: @mehowte



iOS craftsman determined to deliver intuitive and thoughtful interaction design. One of the Mobile Mobile Conf Co-Organizers. Pays obsessive and compulsive attention to detail. Loves well-designed gadgetry. Wishes he could cheat sleep and be productive all the time. Listens to electronic music that's loosely described as "noise" by his friends. Occasionally enjoys jumping at concerts. Hates cold weather, but enjoys skiing. Collects inspiring quotes and tries to become a better person every day. Unable to watch himself on film.

github: @nvln

twitter: @karolsmazur



After many unsuccessful attempts to find a real programming challenge, he decided to leave his hometown and conquer the world. He packed all his rubies, and started his journey. Along the way, he decided to stop at Applicake and help them solve mysterious programming riddles. When not coding, he's practicing his awesome guitar skills. Dreams of travelling around the world and building a time machine. Loves heavy metal, dubstep and pierogi.

github: @felipeelias

twitter: @felipeelias



Ruby and JavaScript developer. Lisp hacker at home. Founder & owner of Purpakana. When he is not coding or recording, spends time with his girlfriend. Loves climbing, hiking and yoga. He’s reached master level at cooking.

github: @cfx

twitter: @tokenman



Ruby Duke, Code Baker and Brogrammer in one person. He loves application architecture, pragmatic programming and simple, readable, clean code. Huge fan of Renaissance people. Loves partying, chatting, meeting people and being part of fancy performances. Apart from that, Marcin likes investigating a lot of open source projects and inventing extraordinary activities. He is also really passionate about cooking and trying to master Swing dance and the Japanese language.

github: @rodzyn

twitter: @Brodzyn



Java enthusiast who is working as an Android developer as well as Computer Science student at Cracow University of Technology. If he’s got too much free time he is absorbed in organizing some cool events and conferences like or SFI. He knows every single tram line in Cracow and reads some random Wikipedia pages every day. Also - he plays some football and likes to taste new types of beer.

github: @partition

twitter: @mherych



After finding out that being a rock star is not as glamorous as advertised, he decided to embark on the adventure of finding another purpose to life. As at the time he was studying Computer Science, he became enraptured by the Ruby World. Excited about awesomely designed code, he spends most of his time figuring out the best names for his methods and classes instead of doing proper work. Surprisingly, likes to play in defense when playing football. Loves "long distance" driving, snowboarding, longboarding, New York, reading and music.

github: @piotrj

twitter: @piotrjakubowski



Jacek was one of the first Applicakers. He came in as a coding enthusiast, was converted to Ruby, mastered JavaScript and ended up leading projects. Loves resolving problems and optimizing the development process till it's perfect. Keeps arguing with general opinions and always has his own point of view. When all his duties have been tackled, he likes sport or going to a pub.

github: @szarski

twitter: @szarski



A fortunate turn of fate brought this handsome young chap to the world of web application development. While writing a rough piece of code in a low level language, he accidentally stumbled upon Ruby and was mesmerized by its expressiveness. Then he joined Applicake to give free rein to his creativity and skills by crafting delicious software in Rails. He's also the Code Guard at Mobile Mobile Conf and Railsberry. Being a freshly-baked engineer, he still has an appetite for a Master of Science degree, which he is currently struggling to satisfy. When not working he can be found reading another thick sf or fantasy book.

github: @piotrm

twitter: @pmatuszkiewicz



During the day he watches over all the servers that power the websites baked by the Applicake kids. But then, when nightfall comes, he abandons his disguise and... he watches over all the servers that power... eh?... Apart from that he tries to stay sane while trying to put the crazy code cooked up by Applicakers into production, loves automating stuff and scripts everything with Chef. Also constantly works on improving our WiFi signal, as he needs all his devices hooked up to the Internet. Passionate about music, servers, books, good movies, servers, PS3 games and sometimes servers.

github: @mateuszzawisza

twitter: @mateuszzawisza



Android developer at Applicake and student of Computer Science at the Jagiellonian University. Brought up near Bielsko-Biała, and having had the Beskidy mountains so close, loves snowboarding. Keen on any board sport actually. Hopes to travel more in the near future and practice Romance languages. Loves photography for many reasons, enjoys learning about it and shares some of his photos on flickr. An avid music listener and music festival participant.

github: @arekolek

twitter: @arekolek



He started his Applicake adventure when he was 19, which made him the youngest person in the office for a long time. Filled with freshness and enthusiasm, he makes stunning software features using his superb Ruby and JavaScript skills. Addicted to fun. Totally attracted to everything he finds interesting. After work, makes sure he lives his life to the fullest by partying a lot, dancing, playing guitar and violin, snowboarding and much, much more. Applied Computer Science student.

github: @railis

twitter: @dominiksito



Socha can be described as a creative graphic designer with an architect's perspective on space who also lives her passion for photography. Creative in all manner of ideas (literally any!) which she brings to any job (or elsewhere!), graphic designer best explains her role now. As a former architect, she has switched from defining real space to building on-line (experience & functionality never change). Runs Applicake's first overseas department in sunny Cumbaya (Ecuador) and hopes to play the accordion in the future.

twitter: @soszi



UX & Graphic Designer. By day, she (properly) works: (passionately) draws to erase, (precisely) cuts to paste, (maniacally) moves to rotate - every now and then cursing or smiling slyly to herself. By night...she dances till dawn, laughs at anything, and infects others with her (crazy?) ideas. She sips energy from espresso, spinach and positive friends. Recently, involved in WebMuses.

twitter: @emiliamaj



A graphic designer with a fine arts background and a huge passion for 20th century painting. Loves everything that's hand-made, printed or painted. Constantly trying to manage her time between designing and teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. When there's any time left (usually by night), she designs posters and makes jewelry for her friends. Has a lot of fun putting design into motion. She's the lady behind Mobile Mobile Conf and Railsberry 2013 designs.


Once a summer intern, he got hooked and is now working full-time as a Ruby and JavaScript developer. He is a virtual worlds enthusiast, gamedev hobbyist, and e-sports fan. Always ready for new challenges. In his spare time, he loves watching movies and reading sci-fi books.

github: @cvx

twitter: @cvx